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Illustration based on the orchid’s symbolic meaning in Yangban’s culture: education and passion for knowledge, which only allowed to the male members of Yangban class.

True Yangban project
True Yangban

An informational brochure on Yangban and Joseon’s class system. The brochure contains one side with a fictional content inspired by 19c European etiquette book and other side with basic historical knowledge.

Speak Up for Others
Judgement of Paris
Farms in Canada

Infographic based on table 32-10-0403-1, farms classified by farm types, by Statistics Canada.

Change is Evolution

Spread wise words collaboration with Megan Rejman’s podcast, ‘Sho-e-ate.’ Illustration based on Megan Rejman’s quotation from the podcast.

Joseon’s Class System
Fake Journal

An editorial spot illustration regarding the relationship between fake journal and money in academic community.

Balancing the Life
Menu Board

Illustrated menu board for a K-pop company’s official goods store app design targeting international fans.

GIF Quotes Stickers

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